Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Opps... dropped off there for a bit...

Hey Everyone :)

Sorry about the serious lack of posts. I am so bad... I got really busy with work and training I just kept forgetting to post.

But I am back and shall be posting more regularly I promise.... I swear..

On a better note. Things are still churning along. I have built myself up to working out 6 days a week. They look a bit like this:

Mon - Fitness: Cycle 15/20 mins and Run/Walk intervals 30/40mins at Gym
Tues - Toning: Warm up and Mixed Weights
Wed - Fitness: Cross Trainer 15mins and Ease into 5k Running Program
Thurs - Toning: Pump Class
Fri - Stretch: Yogalaties
Sat - Fitness SSS: Parkrun (5k walk/run) and Burn it up Bootcamp 1 hr
Sun - Rest Day.

To do all of this I get up at about 6am. Now anyone who knows me would be quite surprised as I am so so not a morning person and honestly it kills me every morning.

But it is worth it. It is so good to know it is all done and over with in the morning. It is too easy for me to talk myself out of it in the afternoon.

This is what I like to see after a normal fitness day (double it for SSS)

Getting pumped for the Official Round start on the 13th of Feb 2012.

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