Sunday, February 12, 2012

ohh my.. how I hurt....

But it is a good hurt. You know that all over ache when you know you worked yourself damn hard.
Where you are ok, kinda.... if you are sitting still. But... whenever you have to stand up or walk up stairs you moan, whine and make noises.

Poor Mon Amour has heard me swear every time I have to move basically.. We just did all our food shopping for the week and at any moment if I saw something I shouldn't eat and think "hmm that might be nice" all I had to do was move my shoulder by about 2cm and the pain reminded me it was SOOOO not worth it.

anyway enough of my sulking. I had a very good week exercise wise. I am proud of myself.

I kept to my plan, worked out all 6 days. Cardio/Fitness Days on Mon and Wed. Strength on Tues and Thurs. Stretch on Fri (although I did do some Cardio as well) and of course the Super Saturday Session of Fitness on Sat (Jog - Burn it off Bootcamp with the Inner West 12wbt group - Walk)

My SSS Calorie Burn ;)

12wbt Inner Westies after Bootcamp

The official program starts tomorrow and I am pumped. I weighed myself this morning and I am so happy to say that even though I plateaued for a bit I have lost 4.7kgs in pre season ;) YAY

I am well on my way to reaching my goal for this round. Now I just need to be as disciplined, as determined and fight through the ache.

PS. I am also taking part in the Fitness Friday blog hop for 12WBTers! that is being organised by the amazing Kate Says Stuff (yes i am running a bit late this week...oops)


  1. I wrote a comment and now it's not showing :( I couldn't be more proud of you chick!! You are amazing and I know you are going to smash that goal for this round right up the backside!! Xx

    1. Thanks Blossom, Your a sweetheart and That your proud means a lot to me :) That is so weird about the comment. I wonder where it disappeared to, I check to see if it was hidden to be moderated or something but no. Ohh well