Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sick Sick Sick... not the best start

So this week, I had grand plans starting out. It was going to be a busy week. First week back at work, hand over from my friend and workmate who was leaving. I was going to exercise every morning for at least an hour and i was going to post every day.  My house was going to be nice and super clean and I was going to organise a lovely day for Mon Amour's birthday on Thursday...

Alas mostly all of these lovely plans were derailed by the cold from hell...

Ranze (Ransie) got the flu
Img from here: Leanansidhe75

There are some unwell you can push through, you can workout through and just get on with it. 
But then there are ones like this where if you are walking around for longer than 10-15mins you can't breathe, can't move and feel like you have pulled every muscle in your stomach, back and neck from coughing all the time (and your house sounds like a seal has taken up residence).. you may also be easily be mistaken for a certain red nosed reindeer. I also had to stop beating myself up because I was too unwell to workout everyday. 

I did however manage to workout twice. I still ate well. I got to work most days. My house is pretty clean and while I was completely snotty and gross and unable to go out I did make a lovely cake (Sophie Dahl's orange and raspberry victoria sponge) for Mon Amour. Here is the link to the recipe if any of you want it, it is very yum, very easy to make, quite naughty but will definitely impress. (and I managed to only eat one tiny tiny slither) 

How do you deal with being sick?? 

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